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Manifest: 1-1 Power Session

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? This 90-minute personalised mentoring session is designed to empower you with the tools, guidance, and strategies needed to manifest your goals.

During this 1-1 session, Moon will help you master the art and science of manifestation. Together, you will delve into your aspirations, address blocks and limiting beliefs hindering your progress, and craft a personalised roadmap to bring your dreams to fruition.

Whether you seek to manifest career success, financial abundance, love, improved relationships or any other life goal, this power session is your catalyst for transformation. Moon will teach you the key steps you can take to manifest your dreams, providing you with practical tools and personalised strategies to ignite your manifestation journey.

Masterclass Benefits

MANIFEST will benefit you if you experience any of the following:

Feel unsure about how to turn dreams into actionable plans

Uncertain or unclear about your goals and aspirations

Feeling stuck in life, lacking progress towards desired goals despite efforts

Recognise your untapped potential but do not know how to leverage it effectively

Feel overwhelmed by the enormity of dreams or procrastinating on taking the necessary steps

Struggling with self-doubt or holding onto limiting beliefs that hinder your progress

Desire to call more love, money, success and empowerment into your life

Have a strong desire to evolve, grow, and step into your full potential

Desire to be more aligned and magnetic, attracting the right people and opportunities to you


• Duration: 1x 90-minute Manifesting Masterclass.

• Your session will be tailored towards your unique goals.

Location: Zoom

Price: £222


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