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Moon Onyx Starr is a Wellbeing & Manifesting Expert and Entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to helping people along their spiritual and self-development journeys.

Moon’s greatest manifestation has been finding her purpose in life which is to empower people to tap into their limitless potential and connect with their true selves.

She creates safe spaces through her online membership, retreats and workshops, where people can work on their personal and spiritual development while being supported by others who are also on a journey of self-discovery.

She has been featured in Elle UK, The Observer Magazine and her Retreats have been featured in Conde Nast Traveller as one of the best things to do in London.

why work with moon

Spiritual &
self-development seekers

If you are seeking ongoing support along your spiritual & self-development journey and are craving to connect with like-minded people, the Moon Membership is right for you.

You will be part of a private group where you receive continuous support and guidance as well as Manifesting Masterclasses and Spiritual Workshops to help you level up in all areas of your life.

Moon also organises destination retreats for people who want to nurture their mind, body & soul in a magical setting.


Wellbeing needs to be at the heart of your business. Taking your employees’ wellbeing seriously not only shows you care, but also increases employee productivity.

To help your team revive & reconnect, Moon organises bespoke experiences for your business catering for all your employee needs – from physical, to mental to spiritual.


If you would like to offer your customers a unique and enriching experience for your next product launch or special occasion, Moon can create a one-of-a-kind event for your brand.

She works with a plethora of brands in sectors such as luxury skincare, fashion and activewear, creating Bespoke Retreat Experiences for their VIP customers, media and special guests.

She also facilitates powerful manifesting workshops for brands at their events as a special offering for their guests.


Experiencing ongoing trauma and dysfunction in her childhood years, Moon, an eternal optimist, managed to maintain a positive mindset despite the pain & hardship. Growing up, she always gravitated towards spirituality and from a young age, found herself drawn to crystals, tarot, auras, angels, intuition and more.

Poetry was another outlet, and from the age of 7 onward, she spent much of her time writing poetry which questioned the meaning of life.

During those days, she always sought to improve her situation by indulging in activities that would uplift and nurture her soul. During some of her darkest days, she still had a perpetual smile on her face and was voted ‘Always Happy’ at school.

“It is her unrelenting faith in the universe that has been her sounding board and guiding force.”

It is this mindset that she mastered as a child that has helped her continuously manifest her hopes and dreams and progress in life – and this is what she is so passionate about sharing with others.

In her adult years, she embarked upon a healing journey to free herself from the inner scars left by her childhood and has come a long way.

Self-work is an ongoing journey and she knows the value of continuing to invest in your healing and growth.

Moon, who is now 39 years young, was born in the UK, raised in the US and New Zealand, where she studied to be a journalist. During her studies, she took a trip to India to visit family and had a spiritual awakening – all of her questions about the meaning of life were answered.

After completing her higher studies, she moved to India to explore her roots and work as a journalist. While living in India, she also regularly practiced yoga for a number of years, before travelling to the Himalayan mountains of North India to complete a 200-hour Teacher Training Course in Ashtanga Yoga.

She moved back to London in 2013, started a spiritual streetwear brand and became a vegan fashion blogger before finding her way back to her true purpose which is to help people heal, grow and thrive through her membership, workshops & retreats.

A true believer in Ahimsa (respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others) Moon became vegetarian during her childhood and has been vegan for over eight years now. Moon’s brand is completely vegan-friendly and she is passionate about introducing members and attendees to amazing vegan products & services.


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